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21 June, 2010

Sweet Summer Sweat

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Yau Ma Tei,Kowloon,Hong Kong.

Ma Oh Sha,New Territories.

Really long time no see, nearly forget this place.
Summer is begining in Hong Kong, hot and humid.
Sweats are coming out like a falling rain..


9 March, 2010

Cold Spring

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Look like Bees.


It should a spring time, but it is cold.
13 degree, strong wind, heavy clothes……
However, when I was hiking in Ma On Sha Village last weekend.
A insects seem were not that cold.

13 February, 2010


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CRT for over 10 years.

Save me some space.

CRT monitor is all good, excellent performance,except its size.
Perhaps, it is time to change, a LCD we needed.
Give you a new point of view.
Happy Lunar New Year, Kung Hei Fat Choi, Red Packet Come on.

21 January, 2010

Found myself

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King YIP.

Advertising in Mongkok.

Victoria Habour after raining.

Long time no see, long time no bring a camera along.
Lose interesting on something used to,sometimes

20 December, 2009


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Hard rock.

The boss is pretending to pay you, as long as you are pretending to work.

19 December, 2009

A Column of Glass

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Meeting you was a little accident.
Being with you was a little experiment.
But want you is a BIG problem.








Unbearable lightness.
Image from canon jp

15 December, 2009

Volcanic Rock Column

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A rare curve pattern.

Wide shot of the rock.

Kit and friend.

Clearly these are the photos of rock, volcanic rock column,
something about volcanic activties.
There is large area of that in Saigon, eastern-north of Hong Kong.
For more photos, please click here.

9 December, 2009

Let it be

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A wall in a collage.

It takes a age to know that, let it be!

15 November, 2009


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‘Shum Cheng Village’

Fire prawn with salt,peper etc.

Roast goose.

Long time no see.
There is a place call ‘Shum Cheng Village’ in Western Hong Kong.
Lot of people used to go there for dining, famous for roast goose,seafoods,dessert.
However, it was my first time to be there last weekend.
No photo no talk?
Please click here for more.

25 October, 2009

Bullet Points

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Bullet Shot.

Got a exercise last week, something like plactic bullets war game.
A tip of bullets are made of PAINT(Pain), peoples used to say ‘FX’, which is a Canada manufactory.
A teammate got a shot on his leg.Becareful when you ‘play’ with FX.
Take a cover, shadow is the best protection anytime!

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